Mangkaja Waters: Artwork on polycarbonate

1 - 28 June 2017

Mangkaja Waters is a luscious exhibition from key female artists of Fitzroy Valley. Each artist has explored their country in a variety of ways revolving around the life giving element of water. Created on perspex, the work is given a luminescence and lushness that is extraordinary and difficult to capture. The renowned Sonia Kurarra has chosen river country in her depictions of Martuwarra. Lisa Uhl, last year's winner of the Hedland Art Award and a rising star, has brought us Turtujarti. Turtujarti are Lisa's abstract and powerful depictions of the flora that commonly rise from the Kurtal waterhole. Daisy Japuliji brings us the crisscross of billabongs that are so integral to desert survival and Rosie Uhl shows us the power of looking into the eye of a Jila (living waterhole). Mangkaja Waters is alluring in its use of desert colours. It is alive with the presence and energy of water. The artist's use of paint and mark making sits beautifully on their chosen medium. Please join us and the artists on Thursday June 1 at 6pm, all welcome.