Two Waters Two Women: Ralwurrandji Wanambi and Manini Gumana

10 April - 4 May 2014

An exhibition by Ralwurrandji Wanambi and Manini Gumana. In the last two years of her life Ralwurrandji Wanambi introduced a radical innovation to thåe Yolŋu art vocabulary with her extensive use of sand both painted and unpainted. Despite illness her creativity multiplied and she produced this radical body of work right up until her passing. This exhibition is a milestone in the Yolŋu art history of East Arnhem and Yirrkala.

Manini is good company for her. She too has struck an innovation that has no precedent. She is the first to make the outline to her work solely using the marwat or cross hatching brush made from human hair. In eschewing a framework built by a larger painting brush she sets herself apart from all that has gone before.