Manparra : Big Boss Man: Seminal men's work from Gija country

24 September - 2 November 2019

Short St Gallery is proud to present Manpara : Big Boss Man. This seminal exhibition showcases the incredible artistic output of Gija greats both past and present, young and old. Short St is celebrating 21 years  of operation this year as is Warmun art centre. This exhibition pays homage to the considerable passion and time that this represents for both galleries and all artists represented. We would like to thank the estates of Hector Jandany and Jack Britten and extend much gratitude to all the artists and staff involved in this exhibition. There is a strength and a power combined with a love of country and art that is present in every artwork in Manpara. We invite you to view artworks from Rammey Ramsey, Rusty Peters, Jack Britten, Hector Jandany, Patrick Mung Mung, Mark Nodea, Tommy Carroll, Teapot Carroll, Gordon Barney, Churchill Cann, Bruce Wangundin, Beerbee Mungari and Lindsay Malay.