Transitions: Gija Women

2 - 30 November 2013

An exhibition of the emerging Kija women painters. Charlene Carrington reinterprets the rub back techniques of her Grandfather, while, Evelyn Magil is experimenting in bold acrylic colours and mixing them up with ochre, challenging traditional interpretations and the old Kija motif : "if it is the country it must be from the country". Evelyn is being true to her world, which is full of the manufactured. Kathy Ramsay, displays a lyrical wonderment in her depiction of the kimberley landscape. This compares to Lorraine Daylight's more classical approach. While Berilyne Mung seems to be fragmenting the landscape, it is like she is breaking it down in order to understand the rich and long heritage, for which one day she will be the boss. A wonderful exhibition which highlights the generational transitions of a cultural painting practice.