A study of the Figurative in Desert painting: Figurative painting from the desert

21 June - 18 August 2013

The art of the desert has been etched in the consciousness of the Australian psyche. The papunya school of painting was at the forefront of the desert movement, this style limits the appearance of the figurative. However in many early desert rock paintings the figurative is present. Also much of the more recent painters in this movement are extremely figurative in their works, we wanted to celebrate the figure in Desert painting. This exhibition is a monumental examination of the figure in works from Desert artists, as far ranging as Balgo, and Bililuna to the Fitzroy valley and down to the APY and Ng lands. For us it is tantamount to understanding the notion of "I am the land" the figures seamlessly merge into the country, and are intrinsically part of it often even defining it.