Two Brothers: Mr Wagin & Whiskey

22 March - 18 April 2013

It is an honour to be exhibiting the works by these two formidable and refined men. It is with great sadness that Mr Wagin, is no longer with us to see his works standing next to his brothers. His painting so proudly reveals the complexity and beauty of his vast country and how it has defined his culture. This great old man is deeply missed, his wisdom was held in high esteem across numerous desert cultures, where he was considered an extemely powerful and important law man. His works are densly laden with the mythological, familial, geographical history of his people and their country and the joy in his paintings, expressed through his painterly and gestural brush work truly celebrates a rich life well lived.

Equally Whiskey's work is imbedded with the masculine energy of the desert, they vibrate, and resonate a hidden and intriguing pulse. Although his work is quite different to his brothers both represent a powerful portrayal of desert culture and life. We thank Tjala and Iwantja Art Centres for the wonderful works by these two great brothers.