Patrick & Betty: The artwork of Patrick Mung Mung & Betty Carrington

1 September - 9 October 2012

Patrick Mung and Betty Carrington are the senior law people at Warmun (Turkey Creek). This husband and wife are important custodians of Kija culture, and seminal artists. Mung Mung's work captures the back country of the Bungle Bungles with such impressive understanding of its ever-changing light. His painterly spaces contrasted with the detailed dotting of the big rock country perfectly encaptulates the magnificence and grandness of this incredibly breath-taking landscape. He creates a sense of its density using a lightness of touch, the juxtaposition is extraordinary, a skill passed on by his very famous father George Mung Mung. Carrington's fine floating hills give us a sense of other-worldliness, and imply a knowlege beyond the physical. Her fine and gracious hand,  belie the strength of the forms she creates. These powerful hills hint at the power of the forces that bought them into being. Short St is extremely honoured to showcase the formidable work of this wonderful couple. We invite you to special opening with the artists to celebrate the Shinju Matsuri festival on Friday 31st August at 6pm.