We from the centre, travelling to the ocean: Works from Alice Springs

15 March - 3 April 2019

We from the centre, travelling to the ocean is exhibition by Tangentyere and Yarrenyty Artists. Both art centres share an understanding of the power of colour and a shared leaning toward the minutiae and the joy of the everyday, whether it is a passing bird or a passing policeman. This is an exhibition that continues the conversation about life in central Australia via painting and soft sculpture. It explores form, paint, fabric, needle work, the power of colour and the natural environment. These artworks show an eye for detail and a deep love for the artist's surroundings and community. They allow us the viewer a glimpse into the artists lives. As Marlene Rubuntja explains the works in this exhibition, "They are looking for home, for a place to live. You look after them please." Short St Gallery is honoured to open our 2019 exhibition schedule with these two extraordinary art centres and celebrate their shared values and passions.OPENS 15 MARCH 2019.