Honouring Nellie Stewart: Recent work from Mrs Stewart

3 May - 13 June 2012

We are very proud to be able to present this joyous exhibition to honour one of the most significant gestural painters in Australia. It was with great sadness that we lost this remarkable woman last year, and the family and Tjungu Palya agreed to allow this exhibition in order to remember her great talent, and important contributions to the desert art movement, which has had massive ramifications in the wider contemporary art market. Short Street Gallery, has shown Mrs Stewart's work since she started painting, and have greatly admired the progressions she has made in her career and her skill with paint. The Gallery is showing these large works, which have converted the space into a 3 dimensional experience of the works. Dominating each wall are these monumental canvases converting the old building into a desert cavern. The sheer size of the canvas makes the viewer feel like they are in one of the many rockholes that she paints so beautifully.