OMIE REVEALED: Bark from Papua New Guinea

23 November 2018

Omie Artists Inc have consistently shown their commitment to culture and integrity. The Omie artists efforts to keep their culture alive while providing for their community are astonishing. Their noige (barkcloth) show this commitment in its outstanding quality and storylines. Since their inception they have gained followers internationally and nationally and have been placed in many significant collections. Each artist has access to their design through a traditional pathway that acts as a copyright system within Omie culture, reflecting an artists family and clan.


The noige are traditionally worn and produced by the women of Omie and are still an integral part of everyday life and important ceremonies.  It is a labour intensive process, from the harvesting of the bark, to beating the bark in the river until it is soft and flat, to sourcing natural dyes from the environment and then creating the artwork on the finished cloth.  Short St Gallery has great respect for the Omie artists' dedication to continuing this creative tradition and are proud to present this showcase collection of artwork from the Omie Artists Inc. Please join us to view the exhibition from November 2, 2018.