Tjintungka : Tomorrow: Mimili Women 2020

13 March - 2 April 2020

Short St Gallery presents Tjintungka : Tomorrow; an exhibition that brings the Women of Mimili together to produce artwork that lifts the community up. As Tuppy Ngintja Goodwin; Mimili Maku's Chairperson says, “Painting together, we share the stories that make us strong with our children, and grandchildren. We paint for a bright tomorrow”.  

The younger artists have gained valuable experience and knowledge working with senior artists to produce some of the first female driven collaborative pieces from the Mimili community. The resulting exhibition has a united joyousness. The paintings have a clear intention of alliance, deep cultural practice and a steady eye for elegant composition. We welcome you to view Tjintungka : Tomorrow, featuring Tuppy Goodwin, Puna Yanima, Marina Pumani, Linda Puna, Judy Martin, Pauline Wagin, Emma Singer & Anita Pumani. Opens March 13, 2020