3 - 23 April 2020

Short St Gallery is proud to present standout paintings by cultural treasures Samuel Miller and Molly Miller and debut new glass works by Nyanu Watson and Selinda Davidson. Samuel, Molly, Selinda and Nyanu's artworks have a life of their own. The use of bold colours and energetic brush strokes in the paintings and the mark making and light that travels within the glass vessels, allows the artworks to carry a story. The artworks stories are embedded in thousands of years of tradition but have a sense of something coming to life, of something awakening. This is an idea that connects and concerns the artists, how their artwork has a life of it's own and how their studio is coming back to life. The artists agreed that Ngura Pukulpa is the story of their exhibition, representing the happy country they live in and the memories associated with it but also how they feel now about their studio and their art practice. This concept feels very apt in our current situation and we welcome you to the Happy Place. We hope that Short St Gallery can bring some happiness into your space during this challenging time and we know that this sensational exhibition is a great place to start.

You can contact us via email or phone for all enquiries. We can arrange a live chat and have additional images sent to you. We are also working on other ways to view our exhibitions which will available in the coming weeks. We continue to ship world wide and accept payments over the phone and by direct transfer. We will also be posting video and still footage of the exhibition works on our social media accounts to bring a little bit of the joy of art to your lounge rooms.