Out & About in Ngaruwanajirri: Alfonso, Lorna, Jane, Estelle & Alexandrina

24 April - 21 May 2020

Located on Bathurst Island, Ngaruwanajirri was founded in 1994 and has quietly flourished ever since. Ngaruwanajirri translates to 'helping one another' it is also known as The Keeping House, where no one is an outsider. It is a place to make art and a shared home for Tiwi artists with disabilities; fostering skills, innovation and belonging. Where artists are encouraged to explore their individuality, experimentation and freedom of expression. Once dubbed by Vogue Italia as 'the Australian Sistine Chapel', the ceiling of the art centre became a well known and admired attraction. Today a core group of Tiwi artists and freelance wood carvers draw, paint and sculpt beneath its painted roof and gardens. The artists are inspired by what they see and feel around them. The art they create is unique in its sensibility with a vitality and dynamism all of its own. Twenty six years later the artists have an exclusive place within the greater art world that secures success and stability for the artists. 

Short St Gallery presents Out & About in Ngurawanajirri, featuring paintings and works on paper from Alfonso Puautjimi, Jane Tipuamantumirri, Lorna Kantilla, Estelle Munkanome and Alexandrina Kantilla. The artists have explored the world around them devoid of self conscious mannerisms, composing quirky portraits of people and animals, local forms of transport and the distinct jilamara (good design) that the Tiwi artists are known for. Marius Puruntatameri, (former Chairman of the Tiwi Land Council) was once quoted as saying, ' [This art has] brought happiness to our people, because it belongs to us. We hope, also, that it will bring pleasure to other peoples as part of the heritage of the world.'


Short St Gallery welcomes you to view the exhibition via our website and keep an eye out for installation shots and a gallery walk thru via our social media platforms.