Jessy-Rose Evovo (Cubaitori) Papua New Guinean, Omie, b. 1970

Jessy-Rose has been painting for Ömie Artists since 2009. Her mother was Woruha. Her grandmother on her mother’s side was Kahiri and her grandmother on her father’s side was Go’ovino of the Gusirajé clan. Jessy-Rose paints designs shown to her by her grandfather, a Gusirajé clanman, such as rorono hanö’e, Gusirajé clan design of the roron’e plant; sabu ahe, spots of the wood-boring grub; and ninubu hanö’e, design of the brown-coloured orchid fibre used to weave armlets and waist belts. She is a passionate and dedicated painter and takes great pride in her art. She has one child.