Daisy Andrews Australian, Walmajarri, 1934 -2015


I was born at Cherrabun Station at the creek near the homestead. I grew up at the station. My father used to work there. Sometimes he would run away with us kids and his three wives. When this happened the police used to come and pick him up.


One time they put chains around his neck and made him walk from Cherrabun to Bayulu and from Bayulu to the police station at the Old Crossing at Fitzroy. He was chained to a tree with some of the other men. I saw them with my own eyes. We camped near the police station because my father was there. I learnt to work on the station cleaning and cooking. We used to work for tea, sugar, flour, tobacco, blankets and clothes to wear. My father went to pick up families that were taken from their country by the police and Aboriginal trackers. People used to cry for their country but we told them don't cry and think about your country.