Atipalku Intjulka Australian, Pitjantjara, b. 1955

I was born in Ernabella, I started working in the Ernabella Arts when they were doing batik, woolrugsand weaving,over 50 years ago.Now I paint and I have for a longtime. In my painting I am passing on mymother’s story.I have contributed to many exhibitions both national and international. Atipalku grew up in Pukatja, and studied at the Ernabella School, later becoming a teacher said. She entered the Ernabella Mission craft room as a young woman becoming adept at weaving, and at the age of seventeen was sent to Mittagong to study weaving at Stuart along with two other young women from the Mission, where she spent several months learning how to weave on a new typeof loom. Atipalku also became adept at batik and now Paints for Ernabella Arts. Atipalku is often involved by the other Ernabella Tjanpi Artists in collaborativeworks due to her seniority in the community, and herlong knowledge of fibre arts.