Conrad Tipungwuti Australian, Tiwi , b. 1962

Conrad Tipunwuti has been painting and creating prints at Jilamara since the late 1990's.  His work is full of expression that holds a freshness and energy unlike many of the Tiwi artists.  The over-riding theme of his work depicts the late wet season 'Kulama' initiation ceremonies, celebrated when the sacred yams are ripe.  He singles out a particualr figure, Tapara, the moon man, who became a moon man after the pukamani ceremony was performed.  The large concentric circles and small dots are like the night sky.  Conrad has works in major collections and was recently collected by the DuMusee des Confluences in Paris, France.  His art has always been displayed with Jilamara group exhibitions but recently his profile has blossomed and Conrad Tipungwuti is an artist who is rising to become one of the great Tiwi artists of today.