Celestine Warina PNG, Omie, b. c.1947

Artist's Statement
"As a young girl I would sit and watch my mother paint. When I was old enough I began to paint myself and my mother would correct me. She taught me the traditional way of painting Sahuoté clan designs."
Celestine Warina's mother was Rebecca Wosilli (Usirri) and her father was Emosi Waruré, both Sahuoté clanspeople from old Budo village which was situated right at the top of Dahore Budo (Mount Budo).

Celestine explains how during the time of the eruption of Huvaemo (Mount Lamington) she was a small baby and her mother carried her around in the bilum. Her mother Usirri and her grandmother Awarro were both barkcloth painters.

Celestine has inherited the old Sahuoté clan designs and is a highly skilled artist. She is now teaching her daughters the traditional Sahuoté style of painting.