Botha Kimmikimmi (Hirokiki) Papua New Guinean, Omie, b. c.1941

Botha Kimmkimmi (Hirorkiki) was born in 1941, ten years before the eruption of Huvaimo (Mount Lamington). Her father was Teedulé and her mother was Moroja, both Ematé clanspeople from Duharenu village. Botha's mother passed away when she was young and she was adopted by the Kimmikimmmi family, grouing up at Jiapa village. Here she was taught to paint by Moira Kimmkimmi, her mother-in-law. She was taught distinctive Ömie designs such as: dahoru'e - Ömie mountains; tuböru une - eggs of the Dwarf Cassowary; and sabu ahe - spots of the wood-boring grub. Her work was featured on the exhibition poster for the landmark exhibition of Ömie barkcloth paintings Wisdom of the Mountain: Art of the Ömie at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. She is married to Dropmus Kimmikimmi and together they have two children