Diona Jonevari (Suwarari) Papua NewGuinean, b. 1978

Diona Jonevari's mother was Delma Iarin of Gora village and her father was Abaho Gugonaymi of old Godibehivillage (Emate clan). When Diona married her husband Nathaniel Jonevari in 2002, she began to learn to paint the traditional Omie designsof his mother Dapeni Jonevari, who is the Chief of Emate clan women and a highlyrespected artist. Under Dapeni's tutelage, Diona has quickly become a talented artistin her own right. She incorporates sor'e (tattoo designs) taught to her by the elders ofthe Godibehi village such as her father-in-law Emmanuel Jonevari (c. 1920-2010 )and Nathan Gama, Chief of Emate clanmen. An astute student, Diona now drawson the wealth of traditional Omie designs which she paints in her own innovative andexpressive style. Her wealth of knowledge and extraordinary natural talent and skills firmly place her among the most significant Ömie artists.