Garawan Wanambi Australian, Yolngu, b. 1965

Garawan Wanambi is a Marrakulu clansman. Married to Manini Gumana, a daugther of Dhalwangu leader, Dhakawal Gumna who was the brother of Gawinrrin Gumana AO and son of Birrikitji Gumana a senior ritual leader. Garawan and his family continue to live and work at Gangan and he has emerged as one of the most gifted of the new generation of artists based there.

His father was Mnuparriwuy Wanambi (1920-1973) one of the artists of the Yirrkala Church panels (himself a son of Garrarrambu one of Thomson's subjects) his mother was Gawirrin's sister Guthikpuy (their mother from the Dhudi Djapu clan)

After his father’s death in 1973, Garawan was guided by Yanggariny Wunungmurra and through this connection paints Marrangu the counterpart of Marrakulu from the other side of Arnhem Bay.

A major solo exhibition of his work has been shown at Niagara Galleries in Melbourne 2009. This was followed by the successful One Clan Three Hands at the same venue in 2011. He was a finalist in the Kate Challis RAKA Award in 2013.