Hector Tjupuru Burton Australian, Pitjantjatjara, c.1937-2013

Hector came out of the desert into Pukatja (Ernabella) as a child with his parents. He worked as a 'ringer' or cattleman at Curtin Springs Station, approximately 130km north of Amata. Hector moved to Amata to work on the dams out near Wingellina as well as build and repair fences. He was 'Leading Hand' during the construction of the catle yards just outside of Amata and returned to Pukatja to build the big barn. Hector tells the story of when he was a young fella catching the old Ghan train from Oodnadatta, down to Adelaide to pick fruit. He said "his tjitji" (children) were babies, only crawling."  As an elder, Hector is revered as a caretaker of Anangu law and culture. He is one of the few remaining elders that still have strong ties to traditional practices. This is demonstrated by the images he paints- his Creation story of the Anumara or edible caterpillar.