Renita Stanley Australian, Pitjantjatjara, b. 1962

Renita was born at Ernabella Mission in 1962. She has lived there all her life, attending the mission school and following her mother, Nungalka, into the 'craft room' upon leaving school. She has one son who has also recently taken up work in the ceramics studio. The oldest of five children, Renita and her siblings spent much of their time growing up out at their parents homeland, Tjalyritja in times when the homelands movement was stronger.


Renita has travelled overseas and participated in batik workshops in Indonesia in Yogjakarta. She has exhibited widely around Australia, in the varied mediums of batik, painting, and more recently ceramics. She likes demonstrating her decorative skills to other people. Renita's distinctive walka/design draws from traditional mark-marking but is her own interpretation of these patterns. As well as her full time arts career,


Renita is strongly involved with the church, in particular the singing of hymns in Pitjanjatjara at regular gatherings at Ernabella. She has written and recorded her own songs, and plays the keyboards proficiently. Renita was amongst the new and younger choir members who traevlled to Adelaide to perform as part of the 2004 Festival. Renita has an ever-present sense of humour and a highly recognisable laugh! She was the Chairperson of Ernabella Arts in 2006-2207 and is now the Anangu Mayatja.