Taylor Cooper Australian,Pitjantjatjara, b. c. 1940

Taylor was born at Malara*, a waterhole east of Pipalyatjara, circa 1940. He was born at the important site of the Wanampi Tjukurpa, the Water Snake Dreaming and is a traditional custodian of Malara. Taylor's mother was from Iltur, near Coffin Hill, this site is associated with traditional men's ceremony, his father was from Pipalyatjara, located in the north-western region of South Australia, close to the Western Australian border. Taylor is an important senior man and he is a recognised custodian of traditional aboriginal law and culture, he has never married and his disposition reflects a quiet dignity of a senior man and he holds responsibility as uncle to his two sisters' children. Mr Cooper commenced pain????ng at Kaltjiti Arts in 2009. His first large work was acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria. An expert craftsman, Taylor continues to make the traditional hunting weapons of aboriginal men. Spears and spear throwers are his particular favourites.