Pollyanne Smith Tjungkaya Australian, Pitjantjatjara, b. c. 1957

Pollyanne is from Fregon, on the APY LAnds -Anangu Pitjantjatjara/ Yankunytjatjara Lands, 350km SE of Uluru.

She paints at the Kaltjiti Arts Centre located in the Kaltjiti Aboriginal Community, Fregon. Since 1994, Pollyanne has worked at the Fregon Anangu School as an AEW, anangu education worker and continues to paint after school and in the holidays. Pollyanne was born near Ernabella at Balfours Well on the APY Lands. Her mother was from Ikari close to and north or Watarru.

Her father came from Iltur, an important men's site south-east of Watarru. Pollyanne paints the country of her mother. To the north, yet close to Watarru, this is Untju-ku ngura, her mother's birthplace. A large hill with a rockhole in the middle is a distinguishing feature of this country. Also in this region is Mamungari'nya the place where the monster spirit lies; it is a place of minyma tjukurpa - women's dreaming.

Pollyanne went to school in Ernabella and then in Fregon. Her teachers were Nancy Nicholson (Shepherd) Bob Capp and Rodney Sheridan. Pollyanne worked at the Fregon Art Centre when Diana James was the craft advisor. She learnt batik, tie-dyeing and made hooks, floor rugs from hand spun sheep wool rugs. Pollyanne comes from a large family of eight children. Her father Georgie was a local identity in Fregon and was known for growing beautiful watermelons.Pollyanne's mother was his second wife. Witjiti and Murray are the eldest. Pollyanne, Tjunguarra-(Mantuwa), Noli, Nancy, Rosemary (deceased) and Paul were children from the second wife. Pollyanne married Yami Smith (since passed away) from Fregon and has four children. Anthony (passed away) Shannon and Yami and Maxine (Brenda) an adopted daughter