Louise Robertson Australian, Walpiri, b. 1984

Louise is a Walpari women who grew up inYuendumu, west of Alice Springs with hergrandma. She loved living there as a child and going on bush trips with her grandma: hearingstories about country and collecting bush tucker. When Louise was about 8 years old, shemoved to Alice Springs to live with her mother. She still lives in Alice Springs to this day, nowwith her husband and 4 children.Louise said that she came into the art room one day to see what her mother-in-law, DulcieSharpe and all the other ladies were doing. She decided she wanted to be part of it and soshe startedcoming every day. At first, she was nervous, but then Dulcie taught her how tosew and now she loves it. She says she keeps trying new things and thinking about what tosew when she is at home. She wants to keep coming to the art room and getting better bymaking soft sculptures of people and animals. She wants people to feel happy when they lookat them, like she feels happy when she makes them.