Janice Pungautiji Murray Australian, Tiwi, b. 1966

Janice Murray lives at Milikapiti, Melville Island and has been an exhibiting member of Jilamara Arts & Crafts Association since 1995. In this time she has become widely regarded not just for her paintings, but for her prints, which she has been making since early print workshops were held at the centre & her sculptures that are installed in Darwin & Sydney.

Janice’s considered, harmonious compositions are a combination of her own creative imagination and personal aesthetic, along with the inspiration of her traditional country. Janice has a personal style which comes from within. It’s like body painting, bark painting, designs on pukumani poles and for face, traditional but contemporary application to new mediums.

Tiwi birds area common subject for the artist and reflect the totemic significance and abundance of bird life on the islands.

Janice’s traditional country on the island is Tinganu, an area to the far East of the community. During ceremony her totem dance is ‘Jarrangini’(Turtle).

Janice uses Turtiyanginari (ochres) exclusively for her painting. The ochres are collected from around the community and Janice grinds and mixes the pigments