Elizabeth Guho (Owkeja) PNG, Omie, b. 1958

“The teaching of our ancestors might get lost so that is why I apply their teachings onto barkcloth, so that it can be remembered for future generations”

Elizabeth has been painting for Ömie Artists since 2009. Her mother was Martha Ruruvé ofGorabuna village (Sahuoté clan) and her fatherwas Clement Towora of Enjoro village (Ina’e clan).Her mother taught her the Ömie barkcloth designs of her grandmother such asmahudanö’e-pig’s tusks (traditional Ömie wealth), jov’e avadu avaduvé-ripples of the water, samwé-Beriirajé/Samwé sub-clan emblem of the tree andvinohu’e-design of the bellybutton.