Payu Napaltjarri Australian, Pintupi, b. c.1952

Payu was born at Karilwarra rockhole west of the Pollock Hills circa 1952. She was married to

Freddie West Tjakamarra, who was one of the founding members of Papunya Tula Artists, and

lived for the early part of her life in the vicinity of Kiwirrkura. In 1963, Payu and her family were

met by a welfare patrol led by Jeremy Long and Nosebag Tjupurrula at Wili rockhole east of

Kintore. This event is documented in the 'Lizard Eaters' by Douglas Lockwood, as a result of

this meeting her family moved to Papaunya and lived in the western fringes of the community

with other Pintupi speakers. She then spent time both in Kintore and Balgo giving birth to five

sons and one daughter, before settling in Kiwirrkura where she currently resides.