Angelina Karadada Australian, Wanambai, b. 1967

Angelina was born in Kalumburu and has lived in Kalumburu all her life.
Her mum is famous artist Lily Karadada and her father is Jack Karadada, who was a medicine man and would make artifacts like didgeredoo and spears for hunting.

"My mum used to paint on bark, bush baskets and Numarrga (bush cradle). I learnt two languages from my parent, plus other languages in my life."

Angelina is an excellent painter and is employed as the Arts Centre Manager at Kira Kiro Arts. Angie has recently graduated from the ANKA Arts Worker Foundation Training Program and the National Gallery of Australia Wesfarmers Indigenous Leadership Fellowship.

“I want to challenge myself to achieve my best. I think it is important for my whole community to have someone committed to the arts.

"I love doing art and running the art centre. The art centre is very important for the community, for the younger generation to come and learn if they want to be an artist. My goal is to run Kira Kiro Artists, so I am the main person responsible for daily activities. The younger girls come to me and ask for advice and how they can progress with their paintings and their art career. I enjoy providing them guidance and advice.

"I am training to run this art centre independently with a local Indigenous arts worker team. In five years time I will be there at the art centre but with my grandchildren and teaching them culture too. It will be my responsibility to look after the art centre and to teach all the young people making them go the right way.”