Saraeva Napangardi Marshall Australian, Warlpiri, b. 1996

Saraeva Napaljarri Marshall was born on the 24 December, 1996 to Julie Nangala Robertson (aWarlukurlangu Artist) and Nigel Japanangka Marshall. She is thegranddaughterof the well-knownTelstra Award winning artist, Dorothy Napangardi (Dec 2013). Although born in Adelaide Hospital,Saraeva has spent her whole life in Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community 290 kms north-west ofAlice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia.Saraeva attends the local school and hopes to complete her secondary school studies in 2014. Oncecompleted,she would like to continue her studies in the visual arts and become a well-known artist likeher Mother and Grandmother. Although Saraeva has been painng from an early age with her motherand grandmother, she has been painting with Warlukurlangu Arsts Aboriginal Corporation, anAboriginal owned and governed art centre located in Yuendumu, since 2013. She paints herGrandmother’sMina Mina Jukurrpa(Mina Mina Dreaming). Her grandmother would paint and tell herabout the important women’s dreaming site, about the ancestral women travelling and dancing andperforming ceremonies and creating the country as they travelled. Thesestories have been passeddown through the generations for millennia. To depict her traditional Jukurrpa, Saraeva uses a widerange of colours and traditional iconography while developing a contemporary style.When Saraeva is not studying or painting she likes to go hunting with her family for goanna and bushtucker