Nanette Sharpe Australian, Arrernte, b. 1994

Name is Nanette. I grew up at Kwale Kwale just a little bit outside of Alice Springs. I speak Luritja, Arrernte and English. Old Trudy (Inkamala) grew me up, she is my grandmother. She was alright back then, teaching me lots of things like bush tucker and telling me stories about the country and all the dreaming stories. She also told me about her life when she was a little girl. She grew me up and looked after me well. When I got a bit bigger, I went to school at Yipirinya. I caught the bus into school every day, and I remember it being fun on the bus. I liked school a lot. Later I worked in aged care at Utopia, I lived there with my aunty. When I came to live at Yarrenyty Arltere Town Camp I started coming to the art room and sewing with all my family. They taught me how to sew. It’s fun for me. Making things and learning new things. I love making the films with the other artists. I really like talking in language on film and telling stories. I like looking for places to set up the camera and seeing how the film looks when it is finished. I’m learning to use the sewing machine now so I can sew up the sculptures for me and for the other artists before they stitch all over it