Irenie Ngalinba Australian, Kuninjku, b. 1979

Irenie Ngalinba is a Kuninjuku painter born in 1978. She is the daughter of Jimmy Njiminjuma (1945-2004), an artist vital to the founding of the contemporary Kuninjku painting movement.


Ngalinba’s work was first exhibitedin 2003. Her first solo exhibition was at William Mora Gallery in 2006, in 2007 she was selected for the Xstrata Coal Emerging Artist Award held at the Queensland Art Gallery.


Ngalinba has shown at numerous commercial galleries including Outstation in Darwin, Gabrielle Pizzi in Melbourne and Annandale in Sydney. Her work is held in many collections nationally including that of Artbank, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.