Pauline-Rose Hago (Derami) Papau New Guinea, Omie, b. 1968

Pauline-Rose Hago (Derami) is the daughter of Natalie Juvé, a Sahuoté clanwoman fromDuharenu village who was also a barkcloth artist. As a young girl Pauline-Rose was adoptedby Wilington Uruhé, the Paramount Chief of Ömie men. She has been fortunate to have learntthe traditional Sahuoté soru’e (tattoo designs) from her father Willington as she is now theforemost painter of important designs such as: taigu taigu’e-leaf pattern; siha’e-tree fruit; jö’osor’e-uncurling fern fronds; as well as vë’i ija ahe-bone of the lizard. Her talents as a painterhave seen her travel to Sydney, Australia in 2009 with Dapeni Jonevari (Mokokari) to attend anexhibition of Ömie art. She was married to the late Simon Hago and together they had fourchildren.