Seven Sisters: Lennard Walker, Ngalpingka Simms, Tracey Simms, Angelina Woods & Kathleen Donnegan.

30 August - 25 September 2019

Short St Gallery is honoured to present a solo exhibition by Lennard Walker who is joined by the seven sisters including his wife Ngalpingka Simms, daughter Tracey Simms, Angelina Woods, Kathleen Donnegan, Dora Parker, Ivy Laidlaw and Sophia Brown. These magnificent artworks represent the Seven Sisters a well known constellation in the Australian sky and arguably one of the most important creation stories in Australia. 
Lennard Walker is the senior custodian for Kuru Ala, a womens site and significant Seven Sisters area. Lennard has seniority and primary custodial responsibilities as he is the only one born at the site, even though there are areas out of bounds to him being a man. His wife Ngalpingka Simms is from Patjarr and has a Seven Sisters site that connects to her husbands site many kilometres apart.
Kathleen Donnegan and Tracey Simms also hold Seven Sisters stories and have joined Lennard and Ngalpingka in creating a body of work that explores the beauty and breadth of the Seven Sisters mythos. PLEASE JOIN US & MR WALKER ON SEPTEMBER 20 @ 6PM, ALL WELCOME.